How the Virtual Data Room is transforming Businesses

A virtual data room is a space for working with documents similar to Google. Drive. You can upload important documents to it and open different levels of access to them.

In addition, all documents used in the space will be automatically marked with invisible marks, which will allow, in the event of a leak, to investigate and identify who compromised them.

In what situations is it useful to use a virtual data room

You can refer to virtual data rooms in the following cases:

    • Mergers/acquisitions. Conducting financial and legal due diligence in a safe and convenient format.
    • Audit checks and preparation for IPO. Secure access to company documents for auditors, lawyers, regulators, and other stakeholders.
    • Release of documents before important events. For example, for the board of directors or discussing an important transaction. When you want to distribute multiple copies of the same document to multiple people.
    • Protection of developments and intellectual property. For example, drawings, geological maps, important developments, and design documentation.

Virtual Data Room Process

Working with a virtual data room involves the following steps:

      1. Transfer important documents in the structure that is on the computer. Change the structure of files as you wish directly inside the system. Documents will be labeled automatically.
      2. By default, each document uploaded to VDR is available only to its creator and to no one else (including developers). Manage rights and custom roles.
      3. The user will receive a personal stamped copy of the document each time they open it. The system creates the required number of copies for each user at each time the document is accessed.
      4. Calculate the source in case of document leakage. With invisible markings applied to each copy created during the process, in the event of a leak, the source of the leak can be identified. The examination is carried out inside the system by a security officer using the built-in investigation module.

Benefits of Virtual Data Rooms

There are many benefits to using this service:

        • Any format of documents. VDR can store any type of document with the ability to differentiate access rights. At the same time, the marking applies to all office formats and PDF files.
        • Structure management. Create a convenient folder and file structure, and if necessary, change it.
        • Sending files by email. Send documents to email partners directly from the system. The link gives the recipient access to a unique copy created for them.
        • Individual marking. Each access to the document creates a unique copy. The number of copies is unlimited, and the document does not visually differ from the original.
        • Printing unique copies. If the document is needed at the meeting, create unique copies yourself. Print them out and give them to each meeting participant.
        • Search for the source of the leak. In the event of a leak, investigate the document, its fragment, or photograph.
        • Work from any device. The adaptive interface allows you to work with documents from your phone or tablet, regardless of location.
        • There is no limit on the number of copies. We do not limit users in the number of copies – VDR is capable of creating more than 205 trillion unique copies for one A4 page.
        • Space-saving. The system saves space because it does not store the copies themselves, but only the transformation algorithms.
        • Professional technical support. Support specialists thoroughly know the product and understand the specifics of its use from a business point of view.

Once you’ve tried virtual data rooms for your business at least once, you won’t be able to turn them down.


Features and Benefits of Business Virtual Data Rooms